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Curriculum Vitae Aaron Murphy Born : Hamilton, Canada, 1978 Education 2008-2010 Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, UK MFA Fine Art 2001-2004 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Canada BFA 1997-2000 Sheridan College, Canada Media Arts Prizes And Awards 2011 Goodenough College Scholarship 2010 Goodenough College Scholarship 2008 London Goodenough Association of Canada Scholarship 2004-08 Ontario Arts Council Assistance Grants Exhibitions 2013 January No Show : Aaron Murphy No Gallery, London, UK 2012 February Free Frame : Guy Gormley, Tom Lovelace, Aaron Murphy and Andrzej Welminski Son Gallery, London, UK 2012 February Making Space (Exhibition and Symposium) Slade Research Centre, London, UK 2011 July Bloomsbury Art Fair Mecklenburgh Square, London, UK 2011 March Surplus To Requirements (Exhibition and Symposium) Slade Research Centre, London, UK 2011 January Exercises In Failure (Group) Son Gallery, London, UK 2010 September Photograms and Photomontages : Aaron Murphy and Alex Shepard Son Gallery, London, UK 2010 August The Search For A Quiet Place : Aaron Murphy Goodenough College, London, UK 2010 June Slade School of Fine Art, Degree Show UCL, London, UK 2010 May Aaron Murphy : Polaroid Projections Leeds College of Art, Leeds, UK 2010 March Off The Shelf (Group) UCL, London, UK 2010 January Goodenough Art (Group) Goodenough College, London, UK 2009 May Standards of Reality and Standards of Art Poznan Art Academy, Skoki, Poland 2008 October Institutionalized (Group) Goodenough College, London, UK 2008 May Being There (Group) The Burlington Art Centre, Canada 2008 April TH&B (Group) Imperial Cotton Centre For The Arts, Hamilton, Canada 2007 May I Can't Even Remember : Aaron Murphy and Jeffrey Paull Contact Photography Festival, Annex Art Centre, Toronto, Canada 2007 January Mass Culture and Society (Group) Mcintosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada 2006 April Liminal : Aaron Murphy Lynnwood Gallery, Lynnwood National Historic Site, Simcoe, Canada 2006 January Works Around Paper (Group) Eastern Front Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2005 September In The Shadows : Hamilton Artists' Inc. and Artcite, Windsor (Group) Artcite, Windsor, Canada Publications 2008 May Wlusek Ola and Isaacs Brad Being There Exhibition Catalogue Burlington Art Centre, Burlington, Canada 2007 January Mullen Micheal L Mass Culture and Society Exhibition Catalogue Mcintosh Gallery, University of Western, London, Canada Experiences 2011 August Colour In Practice Seminar Tutor, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, UK 2006-2008 Governing Board Member Artist-run Centre, Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton, Canada

Biography Statement Aaron Murphy is an award winning artist exhibiting work internationally. Since graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art he continues to use premises in Goodenough College as a studio and home. His photomontages start life either as found material or as photographs taken by the artist himself, using his antique camera collection and then hand-printed in the darkroom. From these analogue beginnings the work is then digitized by computers; scanned in, projected and re-photographed, and carefully layered, edited and adjusted using complex computer programmes. This process is arduous, taking up to a year to complete per image. This time spent in their making is reflected by the time they afford in looking: the landscapes take on new aspects each time we visit them, figures and objects appear and dissipate as if through a smoke screen. Son Gallery Copeland Industrial Park, Unit 9C, Peckham Rye, London, UK, SE15 3SN +44 (0) 207 635 9367 http://www.songallery.co.uk/free-frame-1